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Thoughts on Motherhood

May 10, 2012

My babies at moments of discovery and laughter.

“Children reawaken our sense of wonder, reaffirm our belief in miracles,

fill our lives with love and laughter and make the world a more beautiful place.”

A tiny yellow magnet with this saying was given to me at my baby shower some 24 years ago. I’ve tried to keep it in good shape so that I can hand it to my children at their baby showers someday. As life aged, so did the magnet. Plus the family dog chewed on it a few times, breaking off pieces of the particle board. I look at it now and laugh at how I tried to rescue a magnet by chasing a Jack Russell terrier around an acre and a half of property while attempting to discipline him at the same time.

Oh. the lessons of motherhood I learned.

While the particle board disintegrated, the message wasn’t lost. I have rewritten it in cards for every baby shower over the years.

Children reawaken our sense of wonder: They remind us to be excited about the moments in life, such as lights on a Christmas tree, a warm bubble bath, rainbows, chocolate milk, snowflakes falling from the sky, ants on the ground, the first bright yellow dandelion picked, the wag of a dog’s tail and fire flies rising from the summer grass as the sun sets. They make small intentions seem like giant gifts. Their curiosity and wonder at every stage of life is refreshing.

They reaffirm our belief in miracles: Pray and God will listen. Children believe all people are good first. Give them stability and they will have faith in a better tomorrow.

They fill our lives with love and laughter: And giggles, toothless smiles, gawky teenager moments, pride, remembrance, toys all over the house, and plans, lots of plans about parties, time off, projects, forts and friends. A parent’s favorite moments revolve around their children. They teach us to be silly again.

They make the world a more beautiful place: Especially during the teenage years. There is nothing more beautiful than a baby smiling back at you, no matter how old they are now. I still see it in my mother’s eyes.

I have been so blessed as a mother. I am thankful every day for the stages and transitions they go through. Mostly, I love the individuals they have become together. I mentioned this two years ago in a birthday message. It reminds me of the letter I sent my mother last year.

To all the mothers, the caregivers, the people who nurture others, mothers to be, and those still wishing for the gift of life, I wish you all a wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. Marlene Smith permalink
    July 17, 2012 12:49 pm

    i have the same worn out yellow magnet. . . it is one of my treasured things in this world. What do people do that don’t have a child in their life? They miss so much. I have raised 2 sons and enjoy my 5 grandchildren. At work, I get to escape and volunteer at an elementary school in the community one hour a week as a helper in art class. The little yellow magnet inspires me still!!!

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