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My job according to a kindergarten graduate

June 17, 2011

Standing with my boss on his graduation day from kindergarten are Nanna and PopPop (Joseph and Phyllis VanOsten), the boss (Tommy), Dad (Rick VanOsten) and Mom (Mary Danielsen).

Life through the eyes of a six year old is hysterical.  The shock value is what I love best. My children always seem to keep me roaring. This week’s laugh track – in the car – went like this:

“Mom, I think you should be a school teacher. Yeah, I think that’s the job for you, cuz you can boss everyone around and tell them what to do.”

Me: “Really. You think so?”

“Yeah, I think so. You should work at my school so then we can be together. (long pause). Mom, you have to know the rules to be a teacher.”

Me: “What are the rules?”

“First, no picking your noses; Second, no touching other people; and third, no picking stuff up off the floor and eating it.”

Me: “Wow!  Those are three very important rules.”

“You have to know that to tell the kids. There are other rules too. Like, kids have to do centers and reading and work every day in the a.m. and p.m.  Lots of reading.

“They also need to cleanup. And there is no yelling or screaming allowed.


“There’s one more rule, Mom.  When it’s hot out, you are allowed to let kids get long, long, long drinks.”

Me: “Got it.  When do you think I should get this job?”

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