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One day while driving, the words rolled

May 12, 2010

One day while I was driving my four-year-old son burst into conversation in a way that I didn’t know he knew how.

“Mom, which do you like better: Buses or trains or cars, or check marks or new tires, or satellites, or train stations, or outer space, or t marks, or M&Ms, or Chex cereal, or writing, or the 76ers, or your camera or work, or the Phillies or meetings, or pizza or chicken nuggets and French fries or shopping?”

“Wow, Tommy, those are great choices?”

“I like trains stations,” he said. “My favorite part is going over the bridge.”

I didn’t realize he knew how to communicate exactly what he was thinking – everything he was thinking – in that many words. In my household, I am the chatterbox. Tommy, like his Dad, is a deep thinker. Maybe he just doesn’t get a word in edgewise.

I love when the written and spoken word are connected in a child. This is why we must read to our children, no matter how tired we are at night.

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