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The New Year’s Resolution: Just pick one. Should the rest

January 2, 2010

It is January 2 and I’m already sick of watching the New Year’s resolution diet and exercise equipment commercials. Still, I’ll probably order the Bender Ball and try it with the Reebok Wave system that I bought last year.

This is the year that I take my wish list – you know, the “shoulds” and the “got-tos” – and make some of it happen.  Maybe the pictures will finally get organized. Maybe the quilt from 1997 that has about four hours of hand sewing left will finally get completed. Maybe I will finally get to New York and Washington DC with my mother to see the two statues that my great grandfather sculpted 100 years ago.

Mostly I just want to write.

My 104-meal Challenge has created a nice New Year’s resolution about being more organized.  I don’t think a home is relaxing if it’s always buttoned up like a model home. No one lives there. You’re afraid to sit on the couch or eat on the place mats that are really just for show. My home is somewhere between the status of “little kids live here” and “organized.”  I won’t make you take your shoes off at the door unless they’re muddy. We don’t have towels that no one uses.  Instead of saying I’m going to organize the whole house this year, I’m picking one thing: the kitchen. The kitchen in my townhome was designed to be a tight efficient use of space. This year, I want to make sure it really is. To get started, I really need to ask myself the following questions:

1        What do I really use in this kitchen?

2        Is there anything I need in terms of equipment?

3        Do I really use all my pots?

4        Am I making the best use of space?

5        Can anything be put in deep storage or donated?

6        How is my pantry organized?

7        How will our lifestyle and schedule affect the meals we eat?

8        Am I really planning meals to simply picking recipes to cook?

9        Am I balancing our diet?

10    Am I letting Rick have a say?

11    Can I secretly be more of a vegetarian without telling the meat eaters?

12    Are we saving any money or time in the process? If so, how much?

13    Am I making this effort a part of what I do in the course of a week and not every thing I do in a week?

14    Am I having any fun with this 104-Meal Challenge?

15    Do I really need to hang on to all 123 cookbooks?

The answers to these questions are yes, no and some. Throughout the year I’ll need to review each of these questions and try to improve. Maybe I’ll ask a few food bloggers and chefs for advice.

 Happy New Year! 

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